Kalki has touched the Rs 210 crore nett mark in the Hindi belt and this is a pretty decent number in itself. In fact, Kalki is the biggest box office hit of 2024 as far as the Hindi belt is concerned.

Coming to the topic, the discussion now is about whether or not Kalki would touch the Rs 300 crore mark in the Hindi belt.

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As things stand, touching the Rs 300 crore nett mark looks out of reach for Kalki. The main reason behind this is the poor support from the Hindi belt.

Though the multiplexes and A center audiences have been lapping up the film in the North belt, there is very little turnout in the mass centers, it seems.

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While touching the Rs 250 crore nett mark looks possible, crossing RRR’s tally of Rs 275 crore and then touching the Rs 300 crore mark is said to be out of reach.

The Mumbai city and other urban pockets are said to be working the trick for Kalki while the rest of the major mass circuits like Bihar and East Punjab are lying low.

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But the fact that Kalki is the biggest box office hit in the Hindi belt for the opening half of 2024 is a story in itself.