Fahadh Faasil ADHD

Malayalam Superstar Fahadh Faasil is one of the biggest names in South Indian cinema. While he was already popular in the Mallu and Tamil markets, he is making noise in Telugu with Pushpa.

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Coming to the topic, Fahadh has now revealed that he is struggling with ADHD – Attention Deifict Hyperactivity Disorder.

This essentially means Fahadh has the tendency to be very impulsive, frequent change of thoughts, and different functioning patterns compared to average humans.

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Fahadh made this revelation at a public forum today and it has quickly caught the attention all over.

It must be noted that it is good on Fahadh’s part to publicize this as it would be a show of support to others, importantly commoners who are suffering from the condition.

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Adding to that, Fahadh doesn’t boast the best of aesthetic looks. Many opine that he might not have the demeanor and looks of a mainstream south superstar.

But still, with ordinary looks and a self revealed disorder, Fahadh is still one of the biggest stars down south. He is one of those inspiring stars who shows that film stars, with all the resources they have can still struggle with the everyday challenges of commoners but still excel at what they do.