Allu Arjun’s much-talked-about trip to Nandhyal has been riddled with consequences as the EC first questioned the SP and the local election officer about how such huge crowds were permitted without prior permission. The consequences aren’t stopping at that and they are continuing to riddle the police department.

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As per the latest update, the police department has put as many as four officers on VR(Vacancy Reserve) over Allu Arjun’s tour to Nandhyal.

Two constables, one 1-town Nandhya SB constable Nayak, and a Taluk SB constable Nagaraju were all sent on VR by the department. Meaning, they are put on the bench till further notice.

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The primary question here is that how that police department and the local election officer weren’t aware that such a huge public gathering was allowed to happen without permission. That too, it was just a day before the closing time of the election campaign.

As it turns out, the after-effects of Bunny’s Nandhyal tour are still in flow, and all the concerned authorities are under the pump now.

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