Ilaiyaraaja, a legendary composer who has created music for over 1,000 movies and performed in more than 20,000 concerts, is now engaged in a legal battle against those using his songs without permission.

Instant reactions on social media suggest he should relax, arguing that using his songs in other films is a tribute. However, some accuse him of greed for sending legal notices to producers like those of Manjummel Boys for using his songs.

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This issue is not new. Ilaiyaraaja has been fighting this battle since 2017 when he stopped singers like the late SP Balasubrahmanyam and Chitra from performing his compositions in concerts. That same year, he blocked the karaoke app Smule from using his instrumentals, citing Intellectual Property Rights violations.

Currently, there’s a debate on social media about whether it’s wrong for a film like Manjummel Boys to use his song. Some argue that since the producer paid him to compose the song, Ilaiyaraaja no longer owns any rights.

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However, the truth is that Ilaiyaraaja is fighting with corporate companies that are misusing his work. The legal rules regarding music copyrights in India remain vague. Ilaiyaraaja is targeting big corporate music companies that own his music work and are exploiting it for profit without proper respect.

While social media trolls focus on the issue of re-using his songs, there is much more behind this legal battle led by the legendary composer.

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