Maharaj OTT Ban

Aamir Khan’s son Junaid Khan’s debut film Maharaj has encountered significant obstacles on its path to release. Originally intended for a grand theatrical launch, the film’s plans were altered amidst current societal sensitivities, opting instead for a quieter release on OTT platform Netflix.

No songs or trailers were released, and no promotions were done. However, even this subdued approach has not shielded the film from controversy.

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A Hindu group filed a plea with the Gujarat High Court, expressing concerns that “Maharaj” could incite violence against followers of the Pushtimarg sect, citing its sensitive content related to a historical case involving Lord Krishna.

This legal challenge resulted in the High Court issuing an interim stay on the film’s release in any form, pending a detailed hearing scheduled for June 18.

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The petitioners allege that the film, purportedly based on the Maharaj Libel Case of 1862, makes derogatory remarks against Lord Krishna and his divine Leela, potentially disrupting public order and hurting religious sentiments.

They argued that the secretive release strategy, with no trailers or promotions, was designed to prevent scrutiny of its content.

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Social media has since been abuzz with calls to boycott Netflix and ban Maharaj, with accusations of it propagating anti-Hindu sentiments.

Despite these developments, Yash Raj Films and Netflix have remained silent on the matter. The date has also been removed from Netflix’s page of Maharaj.

There is no certainty if the film will be postponed or if it will be released tomorrow. There are also chances that the film may never be released.