Film superstars are no strangers to controversial cases. But this time around, a mainstream superstar from Kannada cinema has shockingly been arrested for questioning in a freakish murder case.

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Going into the story, according to media reports, a man named Renuka Swamy, a native of Chitradurga, Karnataka was found murdered on Saturday. Upon preliminary investigation, it was found that Renuka sent obscene messages to actress Pavithra Gowda.

Reportedly, actress Pavithra is close to Darshan and the latter got agitated by the obscene messages sent by Renuka.

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While the details of what happened later aren’t yet established, the end result is that Renuka Swamy was found dead in a shed in Mysuru on Saturday night.

Now, the police have detained Darshan, popular in Karnataka as “Challenging Star” for questioning in this murder case. He, and 10 other people were allegedly arrested by Karnataka police with regard to this case. Further investigation is underway now.

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