Bujji From Prabhas Kalki

In the name of From Skratch, the makers of Kalki 2898 AD are releasing a series of videos to share insights into the building of the world for the movie.

The glimpse introducing the brain of Bujji received a terrific response. When everyone was anticipating a glimpse of Bujji, they released a teaser to introduce the character.

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Bujji is a custom-built car with a humor-filled brain, though it’s a prodigy. Prabhas, as Bhairava, is seen driving this vehicle, while Bujji always tries to tease him with her negative talk. However, Bhairava succeeds in his tasks, largely because of Bujji’s aid.

Nag Ashwin and his team are hyped up about launching the car at RFC and have high hopes that this new attempt will increase the hype for the film.

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The makers will be revealing updates regularly, as the Vyjayanthi Movies production will be gracing cinemas in nearly a month on June 27th.

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