Of late, it has become common for film producers and production houses to resort to fabricated mediums to help their films. They often employ certain agencies to carry on the operation of fake cinema ticket bookings to show as if the film is running to good capacities to create a perception that the film is good, and thus pull the audience.

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Incidentally, a court has been filed against the same now as a couple of South Indian film producers have gone to court over this matter.

These two producers claimed that a lobby is working on these fake bookings on online ticketing portals. They even complained that this lobby actively works on pumping up fake positive reviews to fabricate the run of the film by tricking the audience.

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The producers reportedly shared video evidence of the malpractice and reportedly, a case has been filed in this context and a detailed investigation could be commissioned soon.

Now that the movement has started against such fake bookings and related stuff, it has to be seen how the producers who have gone down this path would react. Will we see a decline in the occurrence of such fabrication in the future? We will have to wait and see.

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