Anurag Kashyap

Cult filmmaker and actor Anurag Kashyap, set to appear in the Hotstar series Bad Cop, recently shared his thoughts on the current state of OTT platforms in India. He believes that the golden age of OTT is over.

In an interview, Anurag expressed concerns about the direction in which these platforms are heading, claiming that they are increasingly resembling traditional television.

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According to Anurag, the decision-making process for selecting shows is now heavily influenced by algorithms rather than innovative storytelling. He compared this shift to the television industry’s obsession with TRPs, which began dictating content production.

He suggests that the current focus on data and viewer metrics compromises the creative potential of long-format storytelling.

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Anurag, who co-created Sacred Games, Netflix’s first original series in India, explained that OTT platforms are willing to experiment only as long as they need to attract new subscribers. Once they hit a certain threshold, they revert to familiar formulas.

He also recalled the rise and subsequent stagnation of multiplex cinema in India. Multiplexes started in India to support non-traditional films but now they have also fallen into the trap of popular cinema.

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Anurag recalled the late 2000s when multiplexes supported innovative films like Dev D. He said that multiplexes now often showcase the same star-studded commercial film on multiple screens, neglecting diverse and niche filmmaking.

Similarly, studios initially backed unique projects but eventually shifted to formulaic content.

Anurag also highlighted the challenges faced by creative professionals in the current OTT landscape.

“People who have no experience in filmmaking are now running the department of shows. And they have come from television. So their sensibility is television,” he said, adding that dealing with these executives can be frustrating for creative individuals.

Finally, Anurag shared his feelings when his show Maximum City was shelved midway by Netflix following the Tandav controversy.

“I don’t think that the kind of long format I want to make, I will get to make it. And they are also scared. Maximum City is one of the examples. An approved green-lit show, that got dropped with no official communication. They only want to do what their algorithm dictates,” he concluded.