Rajamouli is the biggest name in Indian cinema at the moment and this is not even up for debate. The scale of his projects and their sheer magnitude are above all else in Indian cinema.

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But there is a batch in Tollywood that has been arguing that Rajamouli had indirectly destroyed Tollywood by instigating the pan Indian culture. Their argument is that Rajamouli with RRR and Baahubali brought a new trend of big scale films that wasn’t there in Tollywood before.

Their point is that fans of star heroes are now having to wait 2-3 years for their films as these heroes have taken cue from Rajamouli and only working on big event films that are taking longer than expected.

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Well, this is as senseless as it can get. The very reason Tollywood was put on global map is because of Rajamouli. He opened avenues for Telugu cinema that many knew even existed in the past.

Rajamouli opened pan Indian market with Baahubali and perhaps even pan world market with RRR. If he is to be blamed for taking Telugu cinema beyond its wildest dreams, then there is no point in countering it.

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Moreover, Rajamouli devised his career in such a way that he works only on big event films. It isn’t like he is influencing or pressuring other heroes to follow this suit.

It is the individual choice of stars like Prabhas, NTR, Ram Charan, Allu Arjun and Mahesh to take the pan Indian route with big event films. No one, and certainly not Rajamouli, would have stopped them from making regional commercial dramas that take 6-12 months.

So, blaming Rajamouli for introducing a new big event culture in Tollywood is like blaming Leonardo da Vinci for creating the greatest painting of all time, Mona Lisa.