Krishna Chaitanya

The theatrical trailer for Vishwak Sen’s Gangs of Godavari has been released, impressively setting expectations for the film.

The film looks impressive visually, with Yuvan’s background score adding intensity. The hard-hitting dialogues further enhance interest. Performances from the entire cast also seem impactful.

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Director Krishna Chaitanya, known for his not-so-successful like Rowdy Fellow and Chal Mohana Ranga, appears to have hit his stride with Gangs of Godavari, crafting a compelling mass entertainer.

With a lack of major releases in recent weeks due to the IPL and elections, the timing couldn’t be better. If Gangs Of Godavri turns out to be a decent watch, it has the potential to satiate the hunger of cinema lovers craving to watch a good film in theaters.

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However, amidst the buzz surrounding the film, a recent snippet from Krishna Chaitanya’s interview has sparked controversy on social media. While his remarks regarding the differences between Telangana and Andhra people aren’t new and have been discussed by many, it was not the right time.

It was unnecessary of him to talk about this issue now. A section of people would not accept anyone talking like that about the people of a particular state, region, or caste. There was no need to generalize Andhra people. His statements can hurt the Andhra people.

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Krishna Chaitanya could have easily avoided these statements, especially when he has a film releasing in the next few days.