Manjummel Boys Trailer telugu

The biggest box office blockbuster from Malayalam land, Manjummel Boys is finding itself in the midst of a deep financial tussle. After the superb box office run of the film, it ran into a mess after a man named Siraj complained he invested Rs 7 crore in the film and was promised a 40% share in profits but he got none after the release.

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Incidentally, the Enforcement Directorate was called into action by the court and they started investigating the producers, Shobin Shahir, Babu Shahir, and Shawn Antony. Shoubin, who produced the film and also acted in it was investigated by the ED recently.

And now, the latest unverified social media reports are saying that the ED has sought the freezing of the bank accounts of the producers and distributors of Manjummel Boys.

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The suspicion is that there might have been a case of money laundering associated with the production and distribution of the film. If the ED actually freezes the bank accounts of those involved with Manjummel Boys and finds something suspicious, the chances are that other box office blockbusters from Malayalam in the recent past could also come under the pump.

It is known that Manjummel Boys prided itself on grossing over Rs 250 crores at the worldwide box office.

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