Pawan Kalyan’s recent scheduling was mostly interlaced with film and political commitments and he had been primarily occupied with Janasena activities of late. As a result, Pawan’s long-awaited project, Hari Hara Veera Mallu got delayed way too long.

As it turned out, Krish had to opt out of the project due to the extremely elongated timelines and this is when producer AM Ratnam’s son Jyothi took over the directorial reigns. He was even named as the director of the film in the glimpse video that was recently released.

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Now, the producer of the film, AM Ratnam has revealed that he, and also Pawan Kalyan himself are co-directing the film.

Essentially speaking, an unprecedented four directors are associated with Pawan’s Hari Hara Veera Mallu. While the chief instigator was Krish, he was then replaced by Jyothi.

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Notably, even Ratnam and Pawan himself appear to be directing certain portions of the film, as revealed by the producer Ratnam himself. This is kind of an unprecedented scene for a big hero film, which is being made on a pan-Indian canvas. But again, this is a result of the delay in the production which was always a factor to be considered.