Superstar Mahesh Babu is set to appear in a new look for his upcoming film directed by SS Rajamouli. Since his last public appearance during Sankranti for Guntur Kaaram, he has kept a low profile, preparing for his role in Rajamouli’s project. He had planned to cut on public appearances so that his look for the movie wasn’t revealed to the public.

However, on Sunday, Mahesh shared a pic on social media during his son Gautam’s graduation, showing him with long hair and a thick beard. His new look has been the talk of the town.

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Fans are excited and speculate if this look will be featured in Rajamouli’s movie, SSMB29. Mahesh looks like young Hugh Jackman from the Wolverine series.

The revelation of his latest look, characterized by a thick beard and long hair, came unexpectedly today because Mahesh couldn’t stop himself from sharing his happiness about his son’s graduation.

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Mahesh expressed his pride in his son, who has completed his intermediate studies and shared his hopes for Gautam’s future.

Rajamouli’s next film is anticipated to be a global jungle adventure, currently in pre-production and set to begin shooting in October.

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Mahesh Babu will undergo extensive workshops to prepare for this unique role, which includes training in new forms of action and collaborating closely with Rajamouli on his look.

The film, touted as the biggest in Indian Cinema, is in talks with global production houses like Sony Pictures and Disney.

The project aims to shoot a jungle adventure rooted in Indian culture, with Mahesh’s character having shades of Lord Hanuman, promising a never-before cinematic experience.