Harom Hara

Sudheer Babu’s Harom Hara under the direction of Gnanasagar Dwaraka is coming to theatres on June 14th. As the release date is not far away, the makers upped the game in promotions. Today, they dropped the theatrical trailer of the movie.

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The concept of hero making guns is novel. The film reminds us of Pushpa. Hero there is a Sandalwood Smuggler who becomes a kingpin and fights within the system. Here the hero is a weapons maker. Since the weapons maker point is novel, it masks the comparison.

Kuppam backdrop is another fresh point in the trailer. Sudheer Babu fits the role due to his physique.

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Sunil played a major role and his character looks an extension from Pushpa due to the slang.

Malvika Sharma is the leading lady, while the movie also features many other noted actors.

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The grading used in the trailer to bring the night effect is good and so is the score at places.

This is a kind of decent attempt for Sudheer Babu who is desperate for a hit. We will see if the director is able to weave some good drama using the concept.