Prabhas’s big ticket pan Indian outing Kalki is set for its theatrical debut on the 27th of this month and the stakes are exceptionally high on this mega sci-fi thriller. Coming to the topic, there is a lot of anticipation on the Hindi openings of Kalki.

For starters, Prabhas’s earlier film Salaar opened in the range of Rs 15 crore in the Hindi belt which is a fair number. It banked on the mass appeal, Prabhas factor, and KGF director image.

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In the case of Kalki, the film has mainstream Bollywood stars like Deepika Padukone, Amitabh Bachchan, Disha Patani, and others in the lead roles.

The early reception is that the Hindi language dubbing for the film is also on-point. This must help the film’s prospects up north. But factually speaking, the anticipation in the Hindi belt might not be outrightly good considering the low-key promotions thus far.

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There are unverified reports that Kalki might be opening in the same range as that of Salaar. In that case, word of mouth will be the key for the film to hold the momentum.

If good word of mouth can pair with the presence of top stars like Prabhas, Deepika, and Amitabh, Kalki could be aiming big in the Hindi belt. This is very much the need of the hour given the low-key pre-release promotional buzz.

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The Hindi audience might be more receptive of the sci-fi stuff that Kalki has to offer and this might also work the trick. For now, the wait continues to see if Kalki opens in the ballpark of Rs 15 crore. This number is largely subject to change and a trend might be established once the Hindi bookings open up.