Jr Ntr

NTR’s forthcoming collaboration with acclaimed filmmaker Prashanth Neel is currently being referred to as #NTRNeel.

Commemorating the actor’s birthday today, the production team acknowledged him as Man Of Masses and has officially announced that filming for the project will kick off in August.

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Even in the recent release of the captivating “Fear Song” from the movie “Devara,” NTR continues to be hailed as Man Of The Masses.

NTR has long been recognized as the ‘Young Tiger’ in the industry, a title that has stuck with him over the years.

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While there was a brief deviation with the film “Shakti,” where he was dubbed the ‘A1 Star,’ the failure of the movie led to a swift return to his iconic nickname, ‘Young Tiger.’

Now, after an extensive journey in the film industry, NTR seems to have found a title that truly resonates with his persona beyond the ‘Young Tiger’ tag.

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Excitement abounds among fans as NTR’s lineup of upcoming projects promises to deliver captivating performances. His imminent appearance in ‘Devara Part 1,’ helmed by Koratala Siva and featuring Janhvi Kapoor and Saif Ali Khan, has already piqued tremendous curiosity.

Adding to the anticipation, NTR is poised to make his much-anticipated Bollywood debut in ‘War 2,’ where he’ll lock horns with none other than Hrithik Roshan in this riveting spy action franchise.

Furthermore, the collaboration with Prashanth Neel for their next venture, tentatively titled ‘NTR31,’ rumored to be christened as ‘Dragon,’ has only intensified excitement among cinema lovers.