Kalki 2898 AD Release Trailer

Kalki 2898 AD release is a few days away, and the team released a second trailer to increase the hype for the release date, as there is buzz that there may not be the usual pre-release event that usually takes place as a final promotion event.

The release trailer shows how big the canvas of Kalki is once again, but with more emphasis on action this time.

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But storywise, it is still the same uncertainty as the director or the core team still wanted to keep everything a secret. So, there is not much clarity from the first trailer to this second trailer.

One thing is certain: the latest release trailer of Kalki hints at huge potential if the film delivers. However, at the same time, the lack of clarity on what to expect in theaters is still a miss.

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One good thing is the trailer shows that the film has an emotional quotient, not just sci-fi action. If emotion and action come together, history says there’s no looking back for that film.

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