Munjya Box Office

Munjya is becoming a mini box-office sensation. After earning 4.21 crores on Friday, its Saturday haul soared to an impressive 7.40 crores, setting the stage for a massive Sunday.

This accomplishment also marks a new record, with Munjya achieving the highest single-day earnings since Bade Miyan Chote Miyan, which brought in 15 crores on its opening day (April 11) and 7.50 crores on its third day (April 13).

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Munjya nearly reached that figure on its second day (June 8), making it the biggest day for Bollywood in nearly two months, with Sunday’s numbers still pending.

The team is optimistic about hitting a double-digit Sunday, given the positive trend and word-of-mouth buzz surrounding this horror comedy.

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Initially, expectations were modest, predicting a 20-crore lifetime net. However, Munjya is poised to achieve that number within its opening weekend.

Even with the India-Pakistan T20 World Cup match likely to impact evening viewership, reducing collections by at least a crore, Munjya breaking the 10-crore mark on Sunday would be a significant milestone. The film has already accumulated 11.61 crores to date.

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The movie’s success can be attributed to smart marketing. The teaser and trailer effectively generated excitement. Additionally, Munjya’s pricing strategy played a crucial role.

By capping ticket prices at Rs 200 in premium centers and averaging Rs 145 in multiplex chains, the film became an affordable option, especially appealing to college students.

This balanced pricing approach, making the film accessible without being too cheap or expensive, has driven impressive opening numbers and decent word of mouth.