MM Keeravani

After assuming power in Telangana, the Congress government decided to make “Jaya Jayahe Telangana,” written by Ande Sri, the state song.

Ahead of the formation day celebrations, Chief Minister Revanth Reddy handed over the responsibility of this song’s composition to popular music director MM Keeravani. A few days ago, Keeravani and Ande Sri personally met with Revanth Reddy to discuss the song’s composition.

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Meanwhile, the Telangana Cine Musicians Association (TCMA) objected to Keeravani composing this song. They wrote a letter to Revanth Reddy, stating that it would be shameful to give the composition responsibilities to someone from a neighbouring state when there are many talented musicians in Telangana.

The letter stated that the previous BRS government had ignored this historic song for a decade. However, TCMA appreciated the Congress government’s decision to make it the state song but emphasized that giving Keeravani the responsibility of composing it would be a “historic blunder.”

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“The state was formed with the motto of giving chances to our state people. Now, if we give this chance to Keeravani, it will be a historic blunder,” the letter read.

Meanwhile, people on social media are severely criticizing this letter. They believe that art has no boundaries and that every Telugu artist has been honoured without regional barriers. They argue that it is silly to raise this regional sentiment point in art.

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Some others believe that this letter might be a tactic by the BRS government to reintroduce regional disturbances within the art space and trouble the Congress government.