Director Nag Ashwin may be relatively new with only a couple of films, but he poses a significant threat to director Sukumar, who currently holds the advantage with the massive sequel, Pushpa 2.

Success in the local market is no longer sufficient; the pan-India market is crucial. Only a few, like Rajamouli and Sandeep Vanga, have successfully established their names from the Telugu industry in the northern market.

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This is why a director like Trivikram Srinivas, despite having delivered memorable films in the past, appears diminished.

If Nag Ashwin achieves success with Kalki 2898 AD in Hindi, it will impact Sukumar despite Pushpa 2. The reason is simple: no matter how successful Pushpa 2 is, it will be seen as another masala mass entertainer. Additionally, as we reported before, Pushpa 2 is more associated with Allu Arjun’s brand than Sukumar in the north.

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However, if Nagi successfully delivers Kalki 2898 AD, he will be regarded as a potential pan-India director from Telugu.

Furthermore, having a sequel to Kalki is another significant advantage for Nagi to further penetrate the northern market.

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As the saying goes, one film or one Friday can change everything. This holds true for Nagi, given the scale, subject, and experience he aims to bring to Indian audiences.

We have to see which director from Telugu will be the next to join the elite pan-India premium club, following Rajamouli and Sandeep Vanga.