Nagarjuna, currently immersed in shooting for Dhanush’s Kubera under Sekhar Kammula’s direction, found himself at the center of a controversy at Mumbai Airport on Sunday.

As he briskly walked through the airport premises, an incident involving one of the airport staff attempting to take a selfie with him escalated quickly.

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Witnesses reported that Nagarjuna’s security personnel swiftly intervened, preventing the airport staff member from taking a selfie and handling the situation in an extremely rough manner. The bouncers lifted him off and put him on the other side very rudely.

Despite the commotion, Nagarjuna appeared undisturbed and unaffected, continuing on his way without acknowledging the incident.

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Nagarjuna kept walking as if nothing happened. He didn’t even care that his bouncers behaved so badly with that elderly airport staff member. In an ideal scenario, Nagarjuna must have apologized for his bouncer’s rude behavior.

Stars typically treat airport employees well and are often happy to take selfies with them.

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Nagarjuna’s behavior in this incident has surprised some fans and sparked a backlash on social media. They have expressed disappointment, as Nag is generally known for being nice and caring towards his fans, and typically engages warmly with them.

This unusual and cocky attitude from Nag has sparked some backlash on social media.

This incident stood out, prompting discussions about celebrity conduct and expectations of public figures.

Some fans have defended Nagarjuna, suggesting that he might have been in a really bad mood or had other reasons for his behavior.