Sandeep Vanga’s Animal was surrounded by various controversies during its release, and when it landed on Netflix, these controversies helped the film garner huge views, benefiting the streaming platform.

Surprisingly, a small film like Laapataa Ladies with absolutely zero hype and zero controversies has beaten Sandeep Vanga’s Animal.

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Laapataa Ladies has garnered strong viewership on Netflix, surpassing Animal’s 13.6 million views. It now stands as the second most-viewed Indian film on Netflix this year, with 13.8 million views, trailing only Hrithik’s Fighter (14 million).

The interesting fact is that Animal features sleazy hot scenes, bold language, large-scale action, and a star hero like Ranbir. However, Laapataa Ladies has none of these, offering instead a simple emotional story and a clean family watch. Beating a star hero film like Animal is no easy feat.

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This shows the mindset of viewers when it comes to OTT: they prefer a clean family watch and relatable emotions.