Mammootty Turbo

The latest Mammootty movie, Turbo, has been receiving mixed reviews from audiences, although it is performing well at the box office.

Recently, a YouTuber posted a highly negative review of the film, using Turbo’s original poster without permission. As a result, Mammootty Kampany issued a copyright infringement notice, leading to the video’s removal.

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Mammootty Kampany is also considering further action, arguing that negative reviews can harm the film’s business. They have even proposed a delay on negative reviews for one week after the film’s release to protect its initial performance.

Such legal actions are not unprecedented. Akshay Kumar once sued a YouTuber for ₹500 crores over allegations made against him.

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Last year, the Kerala Police registered cases against seven YouTubers and vloggers for publishing negative reviews that significantly impacted a film’s box office collections. This marked one of the first such crackdowns in the state.

This trend is concerning and might affect the industry adversely. The film industry thrives on diverse opinions and critical discourse.

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Restricting negative reviews, especially through legal threats, undermines the freedom of expression. Critics, reviewers, and audiences play a crucial role in providing feedback and driving improvements in filmmaking.

Audiences might perceive the industry’s actions as unfair and overly protective, which could lead to a backlash.

In an era where social media amplifies public sentiment, negative perceptions can spread quickly and harm a film’s reputation more than the original negative reviews.

Turbo is an action drama directed by Vysakh, starring Mammootty, Anjana Jayaprakash, Bindu Panicker, and Shabareesh Varma. The film was released on May 23.