Pawan Kalyan has become an integral personality of Andhra Pradesh politics as he is the deputy CM designated in the Chandrababu Naidu cabinet. This is a dream come true for Mega fans globally who have been rooting for Pawan to succeed in politics.

Coming to the point, the immediate next theatrical outing of Pawan Kalyan could be OG. Well, there is Hari Hara Veera Mallu as well, but there is no affirmative release plan for this film.

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As things stand, OG is the most hyped and fan-favorite film in Pawan’s immediate line up. Adding to the existing hype on the film, Pawan succeeding in politics will add extra zest to this film. It would largely be benefited by Pawan’s recent political success.

It is a given that the celebrations and pre-release hype of OG will be through the roof. JSP supporters and Mega fans will get to celebrate this film as their main man is the deputy CM of AP and there will be endless celebrations for the film in AP ahead of its release.

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If Sujeeth can deliver a minimum guarantee product and satisfy Pawan’s fans with elevations, Pawan’s off-screen persona which is at an all-time high now would take care of the rest. If Sujeeth can deliver a winner here, he could propel to the big league as this film has virtually endless potential.