Renu Desai 

Andhra Pradesh’s newest Deputy CM, Pawan Kalyan, has faced a lot of allegations and negativity due to his ex-wife Renu Desai, whose actions often seem more damaging than supportive.

She frequently associates herself with sources that portray Pawan Kalyan negatively, such as her interview with a Sakshi anchor that sparked criticism against him.

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Pawan Kalyan’s fans accuse Renu Desai of utilizing her social media platform to indirectly or directly criticize him. Initially, she disabled comments due to continuous trolling but has recently reopened them, and has been replying selectively.

Some users were seen foolishly expressing their desire to see Pawan and Renu together again.

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In one exchange, Renu Desai responded sharply to a follower’s comment, expressing frustration over assumptions about her relationship with Pawan Kalyan and emphasizing that he initiated their separation.

One of her followers commented, “You should have been more patient, sister-in-law. You misunderstood someone like a god. Perhaps now you realize his worth. But I’m glad the kids are with Pawan Kalyan.”

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In response, Renu Desai angrily retorted, “If you had an ounce of intelligence, you wouldn’t make such a foolish comment. He was the one who left me and remarried, not the other way around. Please refrain from such comments; they only torment me.”

Despite these interactions, some fans continue to comment on her posts, inadvertently providing her with opportunities to cast Pawan Kalyan in a negative light.

It would be wise for Pawan Kalyan’s fans to avoid engaging with Renu Desai on social media. By doing so, they can minimize the negativity she creates against Pawan Kalyan.

Ultimately, Renu Desai is a forgotten chapter in Pawan Kalyan’s life and her involvement in his life should be considered closed, and respecting her privacy is the best for all involved.