Allu Arjun

After a remarkable win in the Andhra Pradesh Assembly elections, Pawan Kalyan was warmly welcomed by his brother, megastar Chiranjeevi, and other family members. Celebrations took place at Chiranjeevi’s residence.

The event was filled with joyous moments, as Pawan Kalyan cut a huge cake with Chiranjeevi, nephews Ram Charan, Varun Tej, Sai Dharam Tej, niece Niharika Konidela, son Akira Nandan, and other family members.

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An emotional Pawan kneeled to touch Chiranjeevi’s feet, receiving a heartfelt hug and garland. He received blessings from his mother, Anjana Devi, marking a touching family moment as he embarked on his new journey in the Andhra Pradesh Assembly.

However, the noticeable absence of Allu Arjun and his family at this significant celebration has sparked considerable speculation online about underlying reasons.

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Typically present at all major Mega family events, the Allu family’s absence has led to rumors of a potential rift within the family.

Post-election, fans were already apprehensive about possible fallout within the mega-Allu family. Nagababu’s ‘loyalty’ tweet added fuel to the fire, hinting at internal conflicts.

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There have been ongoing rumors of the Allu family considering distancing themselves from the mega family. Allu Arjun’s public support for a YSRCP candidate over his own family member Pawan Kalyan during the elections was an indication.

This act did not sit well with mega fans, who saw it as a betrayal.

Although Allu Arjun congratulated Pawan Kalyan post-victory on Twitter, the absence of the Allu family at the celebration has reignited discussions about a potential rift.

Fans are left wondering if Nagababu’s tweet caused a lasting divide between the Mega and Allu families.