Devara Movie

NTR’s highly anticipated return to the big screen with Devara: Part 1 has ignited good excitement among fans and the trade. This high-octane action drama, featuring Janhvi Kapoor and Saif Ali Khan as the antagonist, is currently in the shooting stage.

After a prolonged dull period, the box office was gearing up for a continuous flow of big pan-India films, including Kalki 2898 AD in June, Pushpa 2 in August, and Devara in September.

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However, with the postponement of Pushpa 2 to December, there will be a significant gap between Kalki 2898 AD and Devara. This gap can prove beneficial to Devara.

The postponement of Pushpa 2 has also created an opportunity for small and medium-budget films from various industries to release between July and mid-September.

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The question remains whether these films will be able to complete their shooting and post-production given the last-minute notice by the Pushpa team. If not, it could lead to another dry season at the box office.

By the time Devara hits theaters in September, audiences will be eagerly craving a larger-than-life cinematic experience. The dry season could actually benefit Devara, as it will tap into the audience’s hunger for a big film.

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This anticipation could work in Devara’s favor, resulting in a massive opening not only in Telugu but also in other languages.

Additionally, reports suggest that the business prospects of Devara are also increasing due to the substantial gap between Kalki 2898 AD and Devara.

The breakeven point for Devara in the Telugu states is estimated to be around 130 crores share, while in Hindi, it would need around 60 crore share (100 crore net) to be declared a hit.

If all goes well and Devara receives positive word-of-mouth, the film has the potential to become a major hit, crossing the worldwide gross of 450 crores.

In short, the postponement of Pushpa 2 could prove to be a significant boost for Devara, capitalizing on the audience’s hunger for a big-screen spectacle and potentially catapulting the film to tremendous success.