3 Disasters Struck On OTT 

Some films flop so spectacularly at the box office that only a handful of people witness their downfall in theaters. A segment of the audience then eagerly waits for these films to hit OTT platforms to understand what went so terribly wrong.

One such film is Rajinikanth’s Lal Salaam.

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Directed by Aishwarya Rajinikanth, Lal Salaam is one of the biggest flops in Rajinikanth’s career, failing to recover even a tenth of its budget. The film, featuring Rajinikanth in a special appearance as Moideen Bhai, was released in February.

Initially, reports were suggesting the film would be available on OTT by April. However, this didn’t happen for unknown reasons.

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Rumors suggest Netflix pulled out of the deal after the film’s poor box-office performance. Additionally, there were claims that the film was incomplete due to lost footage, as admitted by director Aishwarya Rajinikanth herself.

In the Telugu film industry, Akhil Akkineni’s Agent faced a similar fate, failing to secure an OTT release after its embarrassing performance in theaters.

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There were some disputes between the producer and distributors which is also cited to be the reason for the movie not releasing on any OTT.

Likewise, Tiger Shroff’s Ganapath released last year might never premiere on OTT, with no platform willing to take it on after its box office disaster.

Lal Salaam might also never see the light of day on OTT or satellite TV.

Rajinikanth and his fans would likely prefer to erase this film from memory altogether.