In a very interesting turn of events, Bollywood superstar Akshay Kumar has revealed that his son, Aarav buys second hand clothes and leads a very normal life.

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“He’s a very simple boy. Tina and I are proud about he was brought up. He left to London to study while he was 15. He doesn’t buy expensive clothing nor does he have any interest in this. In fact, he buys second hand clothes.” Akshay said.

While Akshay’s intention might have been to project his son in good light, this comment backfired and had led to social media trolls.

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“Even middle class and lower middle class people don’t buy second hand clothes these days. I’m that case, how can a superstar son, whose father makes hundreds of crores buy second hand clothes? What’s the use of it?” A netizen commented.

“Buying lower priced clothes this one thing. But saying he buys second hand clothes is a pure PR stint” another person commented.

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While no one can physically verify if Akshay’s son actually wears second hand clothes, this comment from Akshay sure has been drawing bad light.