The horror comedy Munjya, produced by Dinesh Vijan and Amar Kaushik and starring Abhay Verma, Sharvari, and Mona Singh, has made a good debut at the Indian box office.

Exceeding expectations, the film is set to reach the Rs 3.75 crore mark on its opening day, outperforming recent Akshay Kumar films like Mission Ranigunj and Selfiee. While Rs 3.75 crore isn’t a massive figure, it is impressive in the current challenging times for the film industry.

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Pre-release predictions were modest, with the highest estimates around Rs 1.5 crore. However, Munjya has surpassed these expectations with a strong walk-in audience and positive early reactions from cinema-goers, suggesting continued success through the weekend.

This marks the second surprise success for Bollywood recently, following Srikanth. Horror films have been gaining traction in the industry, and after Ajay Devgn’s Shaitan, Munjya is another example of this trend.

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The buzz around Munjya can be attributed to effective marketing. The film’s intriguing teaser and honest trailer successfully built anticipation.

A key factor in Munjya’s success is its pricing strategy. The film’s tickets are capped at Rs 200 in some of India’s premium centers, with an average price of Rs 145 in multiplex chains. This affordability, especially for college students, has helped draw in a significant audience.

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The balanced pricing strategy, neither too low nor too high, has made the film accessible without alienating its target audience. This approach has led to impressive opening-day numbers and positive word of mouth.

Munjya’s success with its pricing model offers a promising example for mid and small-scale films. The balance between affordability and accessibility could be the key to sustainable success for future releases, providing a potential solution for producers seeking to attract audiences to cinemas.