Souraa Lyric Video

There are many doubts about Shankar’s sequel project, Indian 2. When they released the promo a few months ago, it received an outright negative response, and music director Anirudh was also trashed for his work.

Now, the first song of the movie, ‘Paara’ (Tamil) and ‘Souraa’ (Telugu), is out, and the response has been positive overall.

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However, some people are comparing Anirudh’s work with the songs from the original Indian (1996) movie. This comparison is not entirely unnecessary, as it is impossible for Anirudh to match the level of work A.R. Rahman delivered for the first part.

As a standalone song, we should say Anirudh has not spoiled it. After all the negativity, it is a good start for the film, we should say.

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