Producer TG Vishwaprasad Grand Party

Like every single person in both the Telugu States, there is a big interest over politics in the Telugu Film Industry as well.

We have seen industry people support and campaign for the parties they like.

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But things changed after Jagan coming to power in 2019.

Like never before, Jagan unleashed Vendetta Politics on the film industry especially to harass Pawan Kalyan.

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We have seen Megastar Chiranjeevi pleading Jagan with folded hands and Big heroes like Mahesh Babu, Prabhas, and others made to walk to Jagan’s house in Tadepalli.

Many in the industry wished and worked for the defeat of Jagan in this election.

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Some have campaigned and some have worked behind the doors to help the parties. We have seen them wish Chandrababu Naidu and Pawan Kalyan after the results.

But one producer, TG Vishwaprasad proved to be different.

Vishwaprasad has been associated with Janasena for a long time. Sources say he lent all possible support to the Pawan Kalyan’s party in recent elections.

For those who do not know, Vishwaprasad is the brother of BJP’s Rajya Sabha MP TG Venkatesh. TG Venkatesh’s son TG Bharat won as the MLA from Kurnool Assembly and is now the Minister in Chandrababu’s cabinet.

Vishwaprasad is throwing a Grand Party to celebrate the success of the Alliance at a Convention Hall in Hyderabad.

The employees of PMF, People Tech Group, the industry people, and the media are also invited to this party.

Even if someone in the industry does this sort of things, they keep it private. But Vishwaprasad is not that type.

Vishwaprasad is a man who does not mince words or do anything in secret. Hence, there is no surprise to anyone in the industry when this party was announced.

In fact, this is not something he is doing because Jagan is out of power.

There are some references to the then Irrigation Minister Ambati Rambabu in Pawan Kalyan’s Bro movie that was produced by People Media Factory.

Rambabu back then, made wide allegations on TG and even threatened to complain to the ED.

But Vishwaprasad went to every single TV studio and gave it back very strongly. He did not bat an eye-lid even when taking questions from experienced journalists with malicious intent.