Anirduh Vs Thaman

The songs in Shankar’s movies are more than just songs—they’re a celebration of cinema.

Shankar’s movie songs have a huge fan base. The impressive visuals, high production values, and grand sets are major attractions for fans.

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For the past three decades, each of Shankar’s films has delivered memorable hit songs. So, when he chose Thaman for Game Changer and Anirudh for Indian 2, expectations were high.

Unfortunately, the first single from Game Changer, Jaragandi, didn’t meet expectations. Thaman disappointed fans with this song.

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Despite the high production values, the upbeat dance number failed to impress. Both the song composition and choreography were lacking, making it just an ordinary song.

Another highly anticipated Shankar project is Indian 2. The first song, Souraa composed by the much in-demand composer Anirudh, was released yesterday.

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Souraa is nothing extraordinary and doesn’t compare to bangers like Hukum or Badass, but it serves as an effective introduction to the Indian character in the sequel.

If used well in the movie, the song can have a strong impact. The lyrics by Suddala Ashoka Teja are clear and powerful.

While the BGM in the teaser of Indian 2 received criticism, the first song, Souraa, is a decent effort from Anirudh.

Overall, Anirudh did a better job than Thaman in providing a strong first song for a Shankar film.