Trivikram’s Son

Director Trivikram Srinivas has been taking a break since the release of Mahesh Babu’s Guntur Kaaram in January.

Recently, Trivikram visited Tirumala with his family. Photos and videos of him, his wife Soujanya, and their sons Rishi and Neeraj having darsanam of Lord Venkateswara Swamy have gone viral on social media.

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After their darshan at the temple, Trivikram was greeted by the media but chose not to speak, which added to the interest, as it was the first time both of his sons were seen together publicly.

Trivikram’s sons, who have always been away from the paparazzi, caught people’s attention on social media. Many were surprised to see how grown-up they are. Both sons look good and might consider a career in acting.

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Trivikram has entered into producing films with his Fortune Four banner. There are speculations in close media circles that he might launch one of his sons as a hero.

One of the producers, who feels Trivikram is like family, has suggested launching one of his sons as an actor, given his track record of success with youth-oriented films. While Trivikram is still thinking about it, his wife is excited about the idea.

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We have to see if any project materializes soon to launch Trivikram’s son as a hero.

Trivikram’s visit comes right after his close friend Pawan Kalyan’s historic win in the AP Assembly election and his election as Deputy Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh, which has sparked conversations online.

There’s a buzz in Tollywood that Trivikram might work with Allu Arjun again after his project with director Atlee was shelved.