The Indian film industry is short on leading ladies with both audience appeal and box office success. Kiara Advani stands out as one of the top 5 heroines in the country, known for her fan following and box office pull. Her next big film, “Game Changer,” directed by Shankar and starring Ram Charan, is highly anticipated.

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Recently, there have been blind articles in Bollywood media about a demanding actress who considers herself a diva.

Her extravagant requests, including luxurious travel, a personal gym trainer flown in from Mumbai, and a private chef, come with hefty price tags that could add a burden of additional 50-60 lakhs on producers apart from her already substantial fees. These demands strain film budgets and raise questions about profitability.

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While the article doesn’t name Kiara Advani directly, people on social media noticed that the article gave many hints that point towards none other than Kiara Advani. They were clever enough to connect the dots.

However, it’s important to note that we neither confirm nor deny whether the ‘diva’ referenced in the article is indeed Kiara Advani.

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