After the pre-release event of Gangs of Godavari, there was a set of fake videos on social media that made it look like Balakrishna had a bottle of liquor beside him. This narrative was carried out by YCP troops on social media as they made it seem like Balayya consumed liquor.

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Later, the team associated with the film clarified that the liquor bottle was CGI work and they knew full well that nothing of his sort happened.

Incidentally, cut to now, a new set of videos have started to trend on social media and these give a look into the factual side of things. In these videos, we clearly see that there are no liqour bottles beside Balayya. This is a screen grab video from the live telecast of the event so there is no space for conspiracy here and these videos are genuine.

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Balayya’s followers on social media are using these videos to rub it in the faces of anti-groups that extensively propagated the liquor bottle videos earlier.

Anguished Balayya followers are saying this is shabby work of YSR Congress cadres who are restless after the election as they have understood that they are losing the election.

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