Vishwak Sen

Vishwak Sen’s latest film Gangs of Godavari, a rural action drama directed by Krishna Chaitanya, has turned out to be an average fare at the box office. Despite generating excitement, the film faded off after the first weekend, mirroring the trend of Vishwak’s recent projects.

Vishwak has that fire inside him to give his 100% to every film. He also has that hunger to prove himself as a good actor and star hero. But his script judgment is lacking somewhere.

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He consistently opts for diverse and fresh scripts, striving to offer audiences something new. However, despite his commendable efforts, his films have struggled to make a lasting impact.

In Gangs Of Godavari, Vishwak Sen as an actor shines, captivating audiences throughout the runtime. He is the sole factor in making audiences sit through the film. But the other factors in the film aren’t supporting him which is why his films are not breaking out.

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The actor is not able to find that elusive “perfect” script to catapult him to the next league which is sheer bad luck.

His films getting a solid opening is proof that the public is interested in watching Vishwak Sen films in theaters but somewhere the content is disappointing them.

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To salvage his box office prospects and secure a loyal audience base, Vishwak must judge his scripts in a better way. With each disappointment, the risk of the audience moving away from him increases, potentially ruining future box office returns.

Vishwak must shift his focus to refining his script selection process to unlock his full box office potential and ensure his films have a better run at the box office.