Protest at YS Jagan House

Former Chief Minister and current Pulivendula MLA YS Jagan Mohan Reddy faced an embarrassing situation during his visit to his home district for the first time since losing the elections. Despite efforts by former MLA Anjad Basha and Mayor Suresha Babu to rally support at the airport, the turnout was disappointing.

During his visit, a scuffle broke out among the attendees, resulting in the destruction of window glasses at Jagan’s residence. The three-day visit to his district highlighted growing dissatisfaction among YSRCP ranks.

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The anger stems from unpaid bills for contract work performed before the elections. YSRCP cadre and local contractors, who had hoped for payments, were frustrated by the lack of response from officials despite their efforts.

As Jagan attempted to reassure his supporters about future prospects, the situation escalated when those awaiting payment tried to meet him. Security personnel prevented them from entering his office, leading to a stampede that caused further damage.

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The police arrested several individuals involved in the incident. The dissatisfaction among lower-level leaders and activists was evident, as they felt sidelined and excluded from the meeting with Jagan, highlighting internal tensions within the party.