All the arrangements have been made for the counting of Andhra Pradesh Elections.

Among the 175 constituencies, the counting in 111 constituencies will finish by 2 PM in the afternoon.

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The counting in the 61 constituencies will be done by 4 PM. Only three constituencies will have counting until 6 PM.

The first result is likely to come from Kovvur (SC) or Naraspuram. Both these constituencies have the least number of rounds in counting (13).

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The last result is likely from Rampachodavaram (ST) where there are twenty-nine rounds, the highest in the state.

The counting will begin with the Postal Ballot Votes at 8 AM and should be completed by 8.30 AM.

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If that is extended beyond that, EVM counting will begin at 8.30 AM. Each round of EVM counting will take 30 minutes.

We will probably get a trend on the winner by 11 AM.

The final results will be out by 8 PM or 9 PM.

Meanwhile, the ban on the Exit Polls will end at 6 PM on June 1st and the Exit Polls and Post-Poll Surveys will trickle down to give us an idea which way Andhra Pradesh is going.