Telugu Desam Party and its allies recorded a historic victory in Andhra Pradesh. The anti-incumbency is so huge that Jagan Mohan Reddy could not even get the Opposition Status in the AP Assembly. Eighteen seats were needed for the LOP status while YSR Congress had only eleven.

YSR Congress leaders are coming up with bizarre excuses for the defeat.

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Jagan’s Uncle, Ravindranath Reddy became a laughing stock, the other day after he said Chandrababu manipulated EVMs in Singapore using barcode scanning.

Blue Media is also cooking various stories to defend the failure. Not even one reason is the actual introspection into the failure. Every reason is just a sham and a cover-up to the failure of Jagan Mohan Reddy.

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A Blue Media house says Jagan failed in Media Management while Chandrababu peddled lies on the Government using his Pet Media.

This is the biggest joke in the century.

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Jagan has his own media group – Sakshi Newspaper and TV Channel working 24X7 for YSR Congress.

TV9 and NTV – the Top Two News Channels in Telugu every week in the last five years were like mouthpieces of Jagan Mohan Reddy.

TV9 especially put Sakshi to shame on many occasions.

Who would forget TV9 bringing AARA Masthan to their studio one day before the polling and even before the polling concluded on the Polling Day trying to influence the voters?

Even after the elections, TV9 completely batted for the YSR Congress. We have seen TV9 giving extensive coverage of AARAA Masthan’s favorable survey to the YSR Congress.

TV9 is the only National Media group that gave a survey of YSR Congress winning.

There are Channels supporting TDP but their Ratings were not even half of TV9’s or NTV’s in the last five years.

What is the failure in Media Management Blue Media is talking about?

It looks like they are smoking some weed while cooking these nonsensical stories.