Gottipati Ravi

YSR Congress managed to win only two seats in the Erstwhile Prakasam district.

The party won Darsi with just 2,500 votes while the margin in Yerragondapalem is around 5,000 votes.

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Gottipati Ravi won for the fifth time from the Addanki constituency with a majority of 24,890 votes.

Right from the beginning of his term, Gottipati was the prime target of Jagan to get a hold of Prakasam district where TDP got four seats even in YSRCP’s wave election in 2019.

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There was a non-stop vendetta on Gottipati’s businesses. The vigilance department officials are continuously after Gottipati and even canceled some leases of his granite quarries and its allied polishing industries.

Similar witch-hunting was unleashed on Siddha Raghava Rao and he got the permits restored after joining YSR Congress but Gottipati did not budge and kept fighting the government.

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Gottipati belonging to the Kamma community which Jagan hates to the core makes things worse.

Despite the pressure by Jagan Mohan Reddy, he struck the party.

Even during the election campaign, Jagan focused so much on Ravi.

It is also interesting to note that Addanki was the same constituency where Jagan held the fourth Siddham meeting and YSR Congress claims it is the biggest of all the four meetings. Despite all that, Ravi won once again, and that too with a thumping majority.

Ravi should be rewarded for his hard work and loyalty with a cabinet berth, many believe. Let us see if Naidu does that!