YS Jagan Mohan Reddy bagged a humiliating defeat in the recent elections. Getting just eleven seats out of the total 175 seats will shake the ground. The fact that the Central Government is dependent on the sixteen MPs of TDP will make him more worried.

Going forward, Chandrababu Naidu will dictate terms in Delhi. The cases of Jagan and Viveka’s Murder will accelerate and also, and Naidu will receive abundant funds from the Center which will help him fulfill his electoral promises.

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CID already started raids on the Former Beverages Corporation Chairman even before Chandrababu took the oath. More problems are in store in the coming days.

Along with Naidu, Sharmila also has the potential to cause massive headaches for Jagan.

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Sharmila did not win from Kadapa Parliament but her campaign against her brother played a crucial role in Jagan’s defeat.

If Chandrababu is able to suffocate Jagan, the leaders in YSR Congress will slowly slip.

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If Sharmila is able to be active, Congress will be an option for such leaders. Congress registered a recovery at the National level. If it can bring that momentum to Andhra Pradesh, it will be big trouble for YSR Congress.

Congress and YSR Congress share a similar vote bank. In fact, it was Congress’s Vote Bank that got transferred to Jagan after the demise of YSR.

Luckily for Jagan, Sharmila did not win. If she had, it would have been an even bigger problem.

Looks like there are loads of problems for Jagan in the days to come!