CS Jawahar Reddy

Jawahar Reddy’s tenure as Chief Secretary under YS Jagan Mohan Reddy’s administration has been marked by controversy and allegations of favoritism. Despite being sixth in the seniority list, he was appointed as Chief Secretary, bypassing more senior officers. This appointment, along with several of his actions during his tenure, has been criticized as politically motivated, aimed at benefiting Jagan’s government.

As the government changes, Jawahar Reddy finds himself in a less favorable position, now ranking sixth in the seniority list behind Nirab Kumar Prasad, Poonam Malakondaiah, Srilakshmi, Karikala Valavan, and Rajit Bhargav. The General Administration Department (GAD) has updated the seniority list, reflecting these changes.

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Jawahar Reddy’s actions, such as the distribution of social pensions and other pre-election decisions, have come under scrutiny for their timing and implications. With the change in administration, his role and influence have significantly diminished, highlighting the often volatile nature of political appointments and the impact of governance changes on bureaucratic positions.