The entire world has seen how YS Jagan Mohan Reddy neglected development during his rule, and it is no surprise that not a single small building was constructed for a state that lost everything to Telangana. And the less we talk about the AP roads, the better.

When the luxurious videos of Rushikonda emerged, each YSRCP leader came out with a different explanation.

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Some say it was built for tourism (believe it, Jagan built these ultra-rich buildings for the common public to visit), while others claim it was needed for visits by the Prime Minister or President of India to Vizag city.

Sakshi, in defense of Jagan, presented a weak and dumb argument stating that Chandrababu Naidu built a temporary secretariat and Assembly in Amaravati for 700 crore, whereas Jagan built iconic structures for just 500 crore.

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How absurd this argument is can be seen here: the buildings constructed in Amaravati under Chandrababu Naidu were for administration. Neither he nor his son Lokesh slept there, and even Jagan governed the state using the same buildings, with hundreds of government staff still working in them.

And they are highlighting the word ‘temporary’—does that mean these buildings will collapse after a period of time? If they weren’t built in a record time of 7 months back then, where would all these employees who moved from Telangana sit and work in AP?

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Comparing government administrative buildings like the secretariat, assembly, and High Court in Amaravati with Rushikonda Palace, which boasts massage tables, ultra-posh toilets, expensive curtains, beds, etc., is a foolish argument.

Does Jagan and his machinery still believe they can fool people?

Even when KCR recently lost, he faced severe criticism for the lavish Pragathi Bhavan, where common people were stunned when Revanth Reddy opened the doors. But no one found any fault with the secretariat KCR built in Hyderabad. Why?

The reason is very simple: KCR’s Pragathi Bhavan is more similar to Jagan’s Rushikonda Palace.