Every time an election happens in the country, the people on the losing side develop a habit of blaming the EVMs.

India is a democratic country, and we have been using EVMs instead of ballot papers for quite some time now.

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Today, YS Jagan Mohan Reddy also tweeted, hinting at the malfunctioning of EVMs. However, the reality is different. The Election Commission of India says that EVMs can not be hacked.

Although only 25 countries are experimenting with EVMs, the Indian Election Commission states that they can’t be hacked. The ECI supports its statements with multiple theories.

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According to ECI, 275 safety protocols make the EVMs tamper-proof. Since they do not have internet ports attached, they will not receive WiFi or Bluetooth signals.

The EVMs are produced and processed under sanitized conditions. The EVM chip is writable only once. Once written, it can not be read/overwritten.

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Also, the ECI takes extreme care in safeguarding these EVMs during transport. The ECI will not inform the candidate of the switch allocated to them until the day of withdrawal of nomination. The serial number allotted to a party varies from constituency to constituency.

The EVM switch fidelity is also tested with VVPAT before the election commences. EVM cannot be stuffed as each vote takes 7 seconds to get registered.

Any kind of malfunction can easily be detected. Hence, ECI argues that EVMs are the safest to use during the elections.