Jagan CBN PK Lokesh Balayya

Andhra Pradesh had registered a Voter Turnout of 81.86% in the just concluded elections. This is around 2% more than what the state registered in the 2019 elections.

In all the constituencies of the celebrities – Kuppam, Pulivendula, Pithapuram, and Mangalagiri, the Voter Turnout is higher than the state average voter turnout.

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Surprisingly, it is lower in Balakrishna’s Hindupur.

Leaving that aside, there is curiosity about the results of these constituencies and the majorities they are likely to get.

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Among these constituencies, the first result will arrive from Chandrababu Naidu’s Kuppam or Pawan Kalyan’s Pithapuram. The counting in both these constituencies will have counting in eighteen rounds.

The next result will be from Balakrishna’s Hindupur where the counting will be done in nineteen rounds.

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Nara Lokesh’s Mangalagiri counting will take place in Mangalagiri while Jagan Mohan Reddy’s Pulivendula will have the highest rounds of counting (Twenty Two).

Unless any of these contest goes down the wire, these rounds hardly matter.

Most probably, all the results will be clear right from the Word ‘Go’.

We will have to wait until the final round of counting only to know the Majority of these leaders.

Every constituency of these five has a unique issue this time.

In Kuppam, Peddireddy gave his everything to defeat Chandrababu. It will be interesting to see if that will matter. Surveys say it is only about majority for Naidu.

In Pithapuram, Pawan Kalyan will have to register his first electoral defeat after losing from two seats in 2019. Supporters are expecting a minimum of 40-50K majority this time.

In Man Alagiri, even YSR Congress supporters say Nara Lokesh will win having lost in 2019 from the same constituency.

In Jagan’s Pulivendula, we will see if Sharmila factor will dent the majority. A couple of surveys says Jagan’s majority will take a big hit this time.

As far as Balakrishna is concerned, a win again means Balayya will complete hattrick in Hindupur.