Andhra Pradesh’s Minister of Education, Nara Lokesh, has decided to take stringent action against the increasing Ganja culture at IIIT Idupulapaya.

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This morning, the parents of the students studying at IIIT Idupulapaya met Nara Lokesh and informed him that the institution has become a hub for drugs and said that their children’s future is being affected by this ganja culture.

Lokesh was serious about the rise of drug culture at the institution and ordered officials to thoroughly investigate the matter.

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He promised parents to resolve the issue and save their children’s future. He also ordered strict action against local leaders who are playing a vital role in encouraging ganja at the institution.

He asserted that the government would ensure the eradication of this drug culture across the entire state. He added that the government is already taking necessary steps in this regard.

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Meanwhile, parents alleged that their children are unable to score well in exams due to the negligence of the staff at IIIT Idupulapaya.

They mentioned that their children scored over 90% in SSC Board exams but are being failed by IIIT staff in the intermediate exams.

They requested Lokesh to look into this matter as well and save their children’s future. Lokesh assured them that he would resolve all their concerns very soon by taking necessary measures.