One of the many complaints against the bygone YSR Congress government with regard to the management of the holy Tirumala shrine has been the decision to stop the supply of Anna Prasadam at the queue lines.

The main complaint was that there will be sugar patients, the elderly, and those with health problems in the queue line and they must be provided Anna Prasadam which was a norm before 2019. But the TTD board, under YCP regime, didn’t pay heed to the same.

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Now, the new-look TTD board, under the TDP+ government has started decisive action with regard to the Anna Prasadam.

As per the latest posts on social media, the Anna Prasadam supply process has been restarted at the Tirumala queue lines. A picture of sambar rice being provided as Anna Prasadam to those in the queue line has started to trend on social media.

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By the looks of it, the Anna Prasadam service could be continued by the TTD in the coming days which is great news for the pilgrims. Apart from that, there is the plea to address the quality of the laddus and preferably upscale the same. This could be next in line for TTD.