YS Jagan Mohan Reddy’s YSR Congress Party experienced a crushing defeat in the Andhra Pradesh General Elections this year.

The party that won 151 of 175 seats in 2019, was able to win only 11 seats this time. Such was the level of anti-incumbency against Jagan and his government.

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YCP teamed up with a popular political strategy company, I-PAC, before the 2019 elections. I-PAC played a significant role in YCP’s success in 2019.

However, the same organisation failed to help Jagan in winning the 2024 elections. Even after polling, Jagan visited the I-PAC office and expressed confidence in his victory.

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But all of his and his I-PAC team’s expectations were shattered when the TDP-JSP-BJP alliance achieved a massive victory in Andhra Pradesh.

Now, Jagan’s own party leaders have started blaming I-PAC for their defeat. Tiruvuru’s YCP Assembly candidate, Nallagatla Swamy Das, stated that both I-PAC and AARA Mastan cheated and dumped the YCP and its leaders.

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He mentioned that many people in the party also suffered financial losses because of them. His comments highlight how much YCP leaders depended on I-PAC’s surveys rather than the real wave among the public.

Swamy Das lost to TDP candidate Kolikapudi Srinivasa Rao by 21,874 votes.